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not attend. the task force hopes to put forth a series of proposals in about a month. >>> president obama is busy forming his cabinet for his second term. he could announce as early as today his choice for treasury secretary. the president expected to nominate jack lew to fill that key post. lew is currently the white house chief of staff. he's also served as white house budget director for presidents obama and clinton. if he's confirmed, he would succeed timothy geithner at the treasury department. >>> the president also looking for a new labor secretary. hilda solis resigned yesterday. she will likely return to her home of california and run for a seat on the los angeles county board of supervisors. three cabinet members say that they will stay on the job for the president's second term. attorney general eric holder, health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius, and veterans affairs secretary eric shenski. >>> five militant are dead in the fifth drone attack of the new year in pakistan. intelligence sources say the drone fired four missiles at a house near the pakistan/afghanis
. ♪ >>> president obama getting ready to name his choice for treasury secretary. we will hit it live in about 15 minutes. and see why some are so concerned about the choice and it has nothing to do with his squigly signature, sue. >> indeed, it does not, ty. it has been a tough day for shareholders right now down at $60.50. after holiday sales came in at the low end of expectations. it was $992 plilon worldwide. u.s. same store sales were the weakest dropping 2% p european sales were flat. asia was a bright spot with comparable sales increasing 7%. tiffany now saying its annual earnings will come in at the low end of its previous guidance and the street is punishing it for that today, ty. >> thank pup teen retailers, reporting holiday sales figures and here is how they are tried trading right now. here is a look . courtney reagan is on the retail beat. court? >> as with teens, the stocks can be a little fickle. three releasing holiday results today. each tell a different story. the teen retailer lowering its quarterly guidance. competitor american eagle reports sales improving by 5%, including o
at the treasury as president obama nominates current chief of staff jack lew as his next treasury secretary. ashley: the confirmation won't be easy as some republicans already gearing up for a fight and they have been pretty vocal. go figure. rich at the white house. what have you got, rich? >> even before the official announcement, ashley, but at this point right now it is about the treasury secretary, the nominee, jack lew. the president's pick to lead the treasury secretary and a bit of a transition as you discussed. this from treasury secretary tim geithner who was really installed to deal with the financial crisis. at this point the president is making his pick to deal with federal budgets. the nominee, jack lew, was the budget director for president clinton. here at the obama white house for all these major budget fights he has been at the president's side. >> over the past year i've sought jack's advice on virtually every decision that i have made from economic policy to foreign policy. now one reason jack has been so effective in this town because he is a low-key guy who prefers to
will end up paying someone else to do their taxes. >>> president obama is expected to nominate jacob lew for treasury secretary. he is currently serving as the president's chief of staff. if confirmed by the senate, he could replace timothy geithner. he served ad budget director in the obama and clinton administrations. but republican senator jeff sessions says he will try to block his confirmation saying lew misled congress about the obama administration's plan to reduce the national debt when he was budget director. and if lew does:00 treasury secretary, his signature will grace the dollar bill, not that you will be able to read it. take a look at this. >> that is like graffiti. >> it starts off way soft j but followed by seven scribbles. this is his actual signature on a white house document. the signature of the treasury secretary is on the lower right corner of every u.s. dollar. >> you know, he will be signing so many things or probably has that you just get lazy. >> i now have a new married name that i do not use on the air clearly that i cannot write two of the letters from one l
offered for free for teachers and staff who already have a concealed weapons permit. >> president obama is expected to announce jack lew as his choice to be the next treasury secretary. there is no word officially on the appointment yet, but sources say the president will likely nominate him as early as tomorrow. he has exper both the public and private sector and is the current white house chief of staff. >> hillary clinton is speaking out for the first time since returning to work this week. today she talked about her plans for the time she has left in office. >> i am very much looking forward to doing everything we can the last few weeks to resolve and finish up wherever possible and then to have a very smooth, seamless transition to senator kerry to continue the work. >> secretary clinton was released from a new york hospital last week after treatment for a blood clot. she suffered a concussion after a fall in early december. labor secretary hilda solis announced that she will not be staying on for another four years. she announced her resignation to president obama just this aftern
. this at the time that president obama has picked jack lew to replace tim geithner as treasury secretary. whoever runs the jaret -- the treasury has a critical job. so far, 2013 has been marked by fighting over the fiscal could. but americans say they are looking for solutions, decisions. we have the ceo of accounting giant duch joining me from -- deloit joining me from new york. what would your message be to the new secretary, jack lew? >> my message to jack, as well as what novartis said to the president is to get on to -- what i have already said to the president is to get on with solving the fiscal cliff issue. there are some big deadline's coming up in march between sequestration and the budget resolution as well as the bigger issue around the debt ceiling. and then we need to get to the longer-term issues in terms of where america is going, and that starts with tax reform as well as immigration issues and infrastructure issues. >> i hear the same message from business people across the country. we need more certainty from washington if we're going to kick start growth in this economy. is wa
'm not sure there's anybody who obama would nominate for treasury secretary that the editorial pages of the "wall street journal" would be in favor of. maybe there is, who knows. but i would have thought you would have liked this. i'll tell you why -- your history is one of a tax fight. you're been a regulated tax fighter forever. founder of a club for growth. you have the same dna as grover norquist and pat toomey, guys like this. and this guy knows budgets, right? jack lew understands every detail about budgets. he's run the omb twice. whether or not you agree with where he comes from, the fact is this is a guy who can speak the right language when the biggest crisis -- you and i agree -- the biggest crisis in washington now is the fact that there's an absence of a budget. >> yeah, okay. that's a great point. let me address that. when i heard you talking about this before, it was the one thing you said i disagreed with. what i'm saying is, look, we have a fiscal crisis on our hands, a debt cries. if you look at his performance in the last few years in terms of running the budget of
's here live next. and today, president obama nominates jack lew to be the next treasury secretary, geithner is going. he takes new heat why his last four cabinet nominees are all white men. da dana perino reminds us how they were mocking mitt romney's binder of women comment. and georgia in the middle of the gun debate after a mother was forced to use a gun to defend herself and her children after a burglar was breaking into the home. and we hear it in real time as police release the 911 call. >> if he opens that door, you shoot, you shoot him, you understand? ♪ you know my heart burns for you... ♪ i'm up next, but now i'm sging the heartburn blues. hold on, prilosec isn't for fast relief. cue up alka-seltzer. it stops heartburn fast. ♪ oh what a relief it is! cue up alka-seltzer. it stops heartburn fast. we replaced people with a machine.r, what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello? ally bank. your money needs an ally. [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where
and the one used by president lincoln. mr. obama used it four years ago. >> president obama nominated his chief of staff jack lew to serve as next treasury-secretary. he touted his past work. the budget ran a surplus during his tha time. he is going to replace tim geithner. >> if confirmed i look forward to joining the treasury department whose people are legendary with skill knowledge. >> lew became president obama's chief of staff last year and has a reputation of a tough bargainer but republicans say he has been too unyielding in past negotiations. >> it nearly fell through because of lew's signature. you can see it. that signature would appear on all u.s. paper money if he is confirmed. president obama said he never noticed it at before, he quote, considered rescinding the offer. he says he will try to improve his handwriting. >> do they still teach penmanship? >> sleeping pills that millions of americans use. >> plus, this animal has caused a lot of frantic 911 calls. is it a baby lion or a dog? we'll introduce you to him up next. >> and i'm sandhya patel. skies are clearing out. the
obama plans to nominate as the next treasury secretary. this is the john hancock of one jack lew. the white house chief of staff. if you see the swirl, that's jack lew. jack lew has a reputation as a tough negotiator. politico reporting by tapping the former key aid for tip o'neal who has worked for two white house administrations, president obama is gearing up to play tough on the debt ceiling. and msnbc contributor, not a handwriting analysis expert, but we're going to ask you about it anyway. a really out john hancock for jack lew. but he's been in and out of washington for the '70s. he's been involved, jared, in balancing the budgets. as the gop is going to push for budget cuts to coincide with three more cliffs over the budget, how critical is jack lew going to be to the president in waging that fight? >> highly critical in precisely the ways you mentioned. by the way, i think it would be cool. we had that at the bottom of our currency. although i suspect he could change his signature for that. one of the things we know about jack lew is that he's been a tireless fighter to
and the man president obama would like to be our incoming treasury secretary. the signature has been a funny item discussed in and outside of d.c. in recent days. it was funny to hear the president address that, but he was saying that he wants to see jack lew get confirmed as quickly as possible, saying that jack lew has his complete trust. as i mentioned, this may be a battle. it may be a bit of a battle because some top folks are raising objections to jack lew who made his fair share of enemies in his time of chief of staff and we'll see how that proceeds. dana perino is still here with us. now we have it, it's official, another white male appointed to the cabinet and we were talking about this during the break. is it -- are we in an uncomfortable place we look the at the top cabinet people saying, women or not? minorities or not? and judging them by that? is that, is that in and of itself sort of affront to women. when we deserve to be there in mass numbers, we'll be there in mass numbers. or a situation in the country where women are still moving up the the halls of power? we haven't bee
: when we come back, president obama's new pick for secretary treasury. do i like it? well we've got a guest on who's an expert on it. good pick or bad pick, we'll discuss when we come back. >> all the talk about deficit reduction, making sususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususu before the sneeze, help protect with a spray. before the tissue, help defend with a wipe. before the cold & flu season help prevent with lysol. because when you have 10 times more protection with each hand wash... and kill 99.9% of germs around the house with each spray... those healthy habits start to add up. this season, a good offense is the best defense and lysol has your family covered because that's our mission for health. >> i never noticed jack's signature, and when this was highlighted yesterday in the press, i considered rescinding my offer to appoint him. jack assures me that he is going to work to make at least one letter legible in order not to debase our currency should he be confirmed as secretary of the treasury. thank you very much, everybody. >> cenk: that was
. this thursday, in lieu of geithner, president obama puts the money on jack lew for treasury secretary. you know, there's something rather unusual about the second term shake-up. missing the shake-up. >>> i'm steve
a month. >>> president obama is looking within his own administration to find his next treasury secretary. he could announce as early as today that he will nominate jack lew to head the treasury. he's white house chief of staff now and served as budget director during the obama administration and clinton administrations. he would succeed timothy geithner who announced plans to step down at the end of the month. >>> president obama's already got another cab debtnition to fill. labor secretary hilda solis submitted her resignation yesterday. she said she decided ton serve during the second term after talking with her family and close friends. solis will likely return home to california and run for a seat on the los angeles county board of supervisors. president obama calls her a tireless champion for working families. >>> five militants dead in yet another drone attack in pakistan. intelligence sources say the drone fired four missiles at a house near the pakistan/afghanistan border. several people were also injured there. it is the fifth drone strike in north waziristan this year. about 40
daily run-down." >> president obama makes his pick for the top spot at treasury. is jack lew ready for a full-blown fight over the debt ceiling in his first month on the job? pocket change. you heard about this idea. the trillion dollar coin to handle the debt ceiling. well, today we will tell you where it all started and whether or not it is really something president obama might use. they won't rule it out important some reason. and back to the future. the gun debate of 1994 had many lessons for the fight unfolding today. what can president obama learn from president clinton's success? good morning from washington. thursday, january 10, 2013. this is "the daily run-down." i'm chuck todd. let's get to my first read of the morning. this afternoon president obama will formally name his chief of staff, jack lew, to replace treasury secretary tim geithner. a sign the white house expects a big fight over the federal budget lew is the safe pick. he has been confirmed twice by the senate before. just in this administration. if confirmed in time, he can face his first test next month over
and we're going to walk you through it. also in washington, d.c., president obama finally makes it official and nominates jack lew for treasury secretary. but, he received a quote obscene million dollar bonus as his boss obama would put it while working at citibank which got bailed out to the tune of $45 billion. is that part of the jack lew story that's going to make him toxic in his confirmation hearings? >>> and we go out to san diego where the family of the late nfl star junior learned he had a brain disease when he committed suicide. did football kill him? >>> and back to hollywood, my favorite movie of the year "lincoln" gets the lion share of oscar nominations. this is a fabulous film about government dysfunction and how abe lincoln solved it then. can we learn something about it now? the "kudlow report" begins right now. >>> first up this evening, call it the d.c. gun show. all the major gun players meeting with vice president joe biden and attorney general eric holder. cnbc's own eamon javers joins us now with all the details. good evening, eamon. >> good evening, larry
served at the treasury department under clinton and obama. is great to see you again. jack lew claim to fame to create a surplus bet americans are up in arms? >> nobody has a better resonate and jack lew who was an aide to tip o'neill during the reform of social security. republicans are really just playing partisan. lori: over the last three years ago with budget director u.s. has run deficits over $8 trillion per year in that rate is of contention with criticism. >> a lot of that's is more partisan fear than reality. one interview that he did when the president proposes budget that spending on government programs would balance with the revenues to equalize. their rubies smaller running deficits but that was the course scope and size issue. they said it is semantics but that is not the case. lori: do they not like him because he is a tough negotiator? >> that is part of it. >> except john kerry every nomination is criticized even in hagel is not good enough. so the backdrop of the obama was working in with a first term and dynamics were different but that was a solid choice and we c
. president obama is expected to nominate his new treasury secretary today. jack lew with replace geithner. he is currently the chief of staff. he previously served as budget director and was an executive at citigroup. >>> a crazy new signature will be on our money if the president gets his way of this is how jack lew signs his name. the white house says he has no plans to improve his penmanship so start checking the ones. >>> vice president joe biden will meet today with the national rifle association and executives from walmart one of the nation's biggest gun retailers. cbs reporter susan mcginnis says, this is part of a series of meetings this week in an effort to change gun control laws. >> reporter: customers outside washington, d.c. say they are keeping a close eye on gun cell talks taking place inside the beltway. >> i don't think restricting, you know, people's right to -- second amendment rights would be a solution here. >> reporter: cbs news has learned the white house is looking at several new laws including reinstating the assault weapons b
as the debt ceiling fight is heateding up, we're getting a new treasury secretary. tomorrow president obama expected to nominate white house chief of staff jack lew to replace tim geithner. will that a make a deal on the debt easier or tougher? >> and constellation brands raising its estimates. the stock is one of the s&p's top performers of the year. not getting much of a bood boost at all though. will this push the adult beverage company even higher? don't miss our exclusive with the company's ceo, rob sands. that's coming up. >> and aig's board declining to join a controversial shareholder lawsuit against the government over the $1 will 2 billion bailout of the company. i'll get the inside story from the ceo of the company, bob benmosche joining me here exclusively in the 4:00 hour of the "closing bell." back in a moment. curb... make you a target for thieves? or that dog bites account for a third of all home liability claims? what if you didn't know that one in seven drivers is uninsured? and that grease fires have to be smothered? the more you know, the better you can plan for whats ah
is getting heat from democrats, supposed lack of diversity. today, president obama nominated jack lew to be his next treasury secretary. the third white male in a row selected by the president for position in his cabinet. where are the women? and the minoritys? in the cabinet of our liberal president? here is a congressman charles rangel thinks about that situation. >> it's embarrassing as hell. it could be the harvard people where people just know each other, trust each other and women and minorities don't get a chance to rub elbows. he had four years to work the bench. >> kimberly: "new york times" ran this photo showing the president with a group of all white men advising him in the oval office. the white house quickly snatched it and relesioned this 4info instead that has a much more diverse crowd of advisors. i'm with him on this. where are the women? where are the minoritys? they make every place better, right? >> bob: i'm a minority every day. >> kimberly: do you need a hug? >> eric: we have three smart women. greg got a flu shot. he has the flu. >> dana: but he has had it for
senator. >> and president obama is about to lose his treasury secretary. tim gietner is the last original member of the finance team. he leaves as three major deadlines loom. by the end of february the treasury will lose the power to barrow more to pay america's bills. across-the-board spending cuts to every federal program kick in on march 1st. and the government will run outs of all congressional funding by the end of march. the current white house chief of staff is expected to inherit those headaches as gite neither's replacement. and president obama has promised quick action on vice president joe biden's proposals expected soon for new gun control laws following the school shootings in newtown, connecticut. abc news, new york. >>> apparently some of the thrill is gone for barack obama. four years and one re-election after his historic oath taking as america's first black president, far fewer people are expected this time. between 600,000 and 800,000. inaugural festivities are being scaled back including two official balls this year. there were 10 the last time around. >>> one of the p
and served this country as the united states senator. >> and president obama is about to lose his treasury secretary. tim gietner is the last original member of the finance team. he leaves as three major deadlines loom. by the end of february the treasury will lose the power to barrow more to pay america's bills. across-the-board spending cuts to every federal program kick in on march 1st. and the government will run outs of all congressional funding by the end of march. the current white house chief of staff is expected to inherit those headaches as gite neither's replacement. and president obama has promised quick action on vice president joe biden's proposals expected soon for new gun control laws following the school shootings in newtown, connecticut. abc news, new york. >>> apparently some of the thrill is gone for barack obama. four years and one re-election after his historic oath taking as america's first black president, far fewer people are expected this time. between 600,000 and 800,000. inaugural festivities are being scaled back including two official balls this year. there we
. served this country as the united states senator. >> reporter: president obama is about to lose his treasury secretary. tim geithner is the last original member of the president's economic team. he leaves as three major deadlines loom. by end of february, the treasury will lose the power to borrow more to pay america's bills. across the board spending cuts to every federal program kick in on march 1. the government will run out of all congressional funding by the end of march. the current chief of staff is expected to inherit those headaches as geithner's replacement. president obama promised quick action on vice president joe biden's proposals on new gun control laws following the shootings in newtown, connecticut. >>> in newtown, connecticut, they are being overwhelmed by donations. though town officials said they have more than they can handle, toys, school supplies and other gifts keep pouring in in the wake of the massacre newtown now has a warehouse to hold the items being trucked in every day. a task force will figure out how to deal with all of the donations. >> people just
called a tough dude. president obama names trusted adviser jack lew to be his next treasury secretary. but why are some critics up in arms? and should the u.s. stick to the phase withdraw from afghanistan or cut its losses and get out now? i'll speak with retired general stanley mcchrystal. he's in "the situation room." at 1:45, the aflac duck was brought in with multiple lacerations to the wing and a fractured beak. surgery was successful, but he will be in a cast until it is fully healed, possibly several months. so, if the duck isn't able to work, how will he pay for his living expenses? aflac. like his rent and car payments? aflac. what about gas and groceries? aflac. cell phone? aflac, but i doubt he'll be using his phone for quite a while cause like i said, he has a fractured beak. [ male announcer ] send the aflac duck a get-well card at >>> only weeks removed from a heated fight over the fiscal cliff, going head to head soon once again over the budget and debt ceiling who he wants in the corner nominating his white house chief of staff jack lew as the next tre
all cited by president obama as he nominated his chief of staff, jack lew, to be the next treasury secretary but the announcement is drawing attention to the makeup of the president's second-term cabinet. it's on track to be dominated by men. our white house correspondent brianna keilar is joining us from the white house. what is the white house saying about all of this? >> reporter: wolf, the white house has been asked about this quite a bit. white house press secretary jay carney has said that the president believes diversity is important and he's highlighted that there are a number of women serving in the white house and in the administration and indeed there are, wolf, and there's lack of topics in his cabinet. president obama choose a trusted insider to replace timothy geithner as treasury secretary. >> under president clinton, he presided over three budget surpluses in a row. so for all of the talk out there about deficit reduction, making sure our books are balanced, this is the guy who did it three times. >> reporter: jack lew, obama's chief of staff and former budget direc
record keeping of gunshots and limits on how much ammunition a magazine can carry. >>> president obama wants jack lou to be the next treasury secretary. he's the chief of staff right now. before that the 57-year-old was director of office management and office. he's also a former citibank executive. if confirmed he will replace tim geithner who is stepping down. his confirmation process is not expected to be too difficult. >>> labor secretary hilda salicious resigned her post and is expected to return home to california. she won praise from the labor unions for aggressive enforcement of wage and hourly laws. business groups have criticized her, though, for the same reasons. >>> a d.c. police officer has been arrested and charged with first degree child sex abuse. wendell palmer is a 22-year veteran of the force now on leave pending the outcame of -- outcome of this criminal case. >>> it's happened again in louisa county, virginia. an earthquake. around 6:30, a 2.0 magnitude quake shook the county. it was the epicenter of the huge quake we all felt in august 2011 2011. >>> boston, massa
much it had to do with an agenda to attack the second amendment, end quote. >>> president obama named his pick for the next secretary treasury. the president is nominating jack lou. before his current chief of staff, he was the president's director, a job he held in the clinton white house. some republicans are skeptical about the choice saying lou was less than honest about president obama's budget and its affects on the nation's debt. >> and he did not show the kind of independence and credibility we would want in that important cabinet position. >> and as with all cabinet posts, lou must be confirmed by the senate. >>> if confirmed, low may want to work on his john hancock. look at this. that is the signature at the bottom right. it would be on every new bill printed. the current scribble does not resemble the pain at all and that he promised to work on it. >> when this was mighted in the press, i considered resinnedding my offer to appoint him. i never saw his signature. jack assures me he's going to work to make at least one letter ledgible. in order not to kebait our currency. -
're learning more about president obama's second term cabinet. the president will nominate jack lew to be secretary treasury. he used to be the budget drerkter. if lew is confirmed by the senate he'll replace timothy geithner. meanwhile labor secretary hilda solice said yesterday she's resign resigning. >>> officials said a ferry just had an overhaul. jim axelrod is at the very terminal in lower manhattan, jim. >> reporter: good morning, commuter services returned to normal in lower manhattan today after that accident. very involved. we have recent pictures of that ferry just taken. the investigation will continue in new jersey. as we say things back to normal in lower manhattan today. but the theme here at the docks yesterday took a troubling turn. the crash occurred while the catamaran was dodging after a routine crossing of the new york bay. >> what it did, it mitt hit the right side of the boat on the docks hard like a bomb. >> reporter: many of the vessel's 326 passengers had been standing in the aisles and waiting to disembark when the high-speed ferry s
chief of staff is expected to replace treasury secretary tim geithner. white house officials have not confirmed it but sources are saying that president obama will choose this man, jack lou, to lead the treasury department. an announcement could come by the end of the week. he previously led the office of management and budget and oversaw international economic issues at the state department. >>> more details are coming in now about the presidential inauguration. the inaugural poet is richard blanco. he's the gay son of cuban american exiles whose work explores his family's experiences and in a new country. the inauguration is monday january 21st. [ singing ] mesh, america. >> she's got that song down, doesn't she? beyonce is so good. the presidential inaugural committee announced a super star performance list for the ceremony. this beautiful woman, beyonce, will sing the national anthem. kellie clarkson is going to perform "my country 'tiz of thee" and james taylor will sing "america the beautiful." >> going to be great. >> a-listers for sure. >> indeed. >>> coming up, the nation
. president obama taps a new warrior for the debt ceiling fight. he chooses jacob lew to be the 76th u.s. secretary of the treasury. >> tom: i'm tom hudson. uncle sam wants to make sure you can afford that home loan before you buy. new rules to protect consumers from bad mortgage lenders are on their way. >> susie: and, we look at whether new year's resolutions, to lose weight, can pump up your portfolio. >> tom: that and more tonight on "n.b.r."! >> susie: president obama named today a "low key" washington hand as his new secretary of the treasury. jacob lew is being called a man who combines tough bargaining with deep economic understanding and a commitment to protecting the safety net for the poor and the elderly. some republicans have promised to oppose lew's nomination, but most say they are reserving judgment. darren gersh has more on this pivotal player. >> reporter: the president introduced his pick for treasury secretary as a man who gets tough jobs done. and one of those jobs will be protecting programs the president supports. >> as the son of a polish immigrant, as a man of
's not an upgrade to your phone. it's an upgrade to yourself. >>> president obama's choice to be treasury secretary says he is going to change his signature. jack lew has been mocked for his loopy signature. even president obama poked fun at it during the formal announcement yesterday. he joked he nearly rejected the nomination because it's not legible, his signature. the nomination means his signature will be added to the dollar bill. so it becomes important. >> i think that's the issue. were it not going on the dollar bill, people would say, it's his signature. >> tim geithner also changed his signature a bit, because it was not the best. >> might want to practice a few times. >> and there it is. i say it's unique and hard to copy and as long as i have some of those signatures in my wallet, i'll make it. >> i think it would be easy to copy. >> you think so? >> his signature. you've been showing it the past couple of days? >> yeah, been talking about it. >> there it is. plus, it's just laziness, really. that doesn't say jacob lew. >> the j you can see in the beginning. >> it says he's very busy. >
. president obama officially nominating jack lew to head up the treasury department. shannon bream handles that for us. we will take an in-depth look at what has become an epidemic in this country. doctor robbie ludwig joins us on the psychology of what is a culture. what some call human graffiti. and secretary geithner not winning resounding support from republicans despite the fact that is budget director in the clinton administration, he presided over three straight balanced budgets. shannon bream has our report. reporter: >> i cannot think of a better person to continue then jack lew. reporter: president obama signaling plans to continue by nominating jack lew. he has handled a string of issues that has impacted the economy. >> he presided over three budget surpluses in a row. for all the talk out there about deficit reduction, making sure our books are balanced, he is a guy who did it three times. reporter: that senator jeff sessions says that jack lew is the wrong one for the job and that without newt gingrich refusing to allow more government spending, the budget achiement would nev
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's cabinet for a second term is taking shape. today president obama is expected to nominate his chief of staff jack lew as secretary of treasury. he helped balance a budget deal with congress. if confirmed lew will replace timothy geithner. and hilda solis announced she's resigning. she's leaving for california and is expected to run for board on the county supervisors. eric holder, kathleen sebelius and eric shinseki are staying on. >>> this year's flu outbreak is wiegd. it declared a public health emergency. free vaccinations are now being offered. ines ferre reports. >> reporter: the flu hasn't been this bad in boston for years, more than 700 cases have been confirmed so far and statewide 18 people have died. city health officials are preparing for it to get worse. >> in the last two weeks alone we doubled our number. if we continue this rate to see new cases, we'll have an explosion of flu in the city of boston. we really need to get ahead of this at this point in time. >> reporter: but it's not just massachusetts. cbs confirms the 48 states. >> we're seeing patient volumes and ac
regulations later today. >>> president obama is picking jack lew as his next secretary treasury. he could face a tough confirmation battle. >> as a number cruncher, jack lew's resume is solid. and by all indications, he has proved himself again and again to the president. >> over the past more than quarter of a century jack lew has been an integral part of some of the most important budgetary, financial and fiscal agreements in washington. >> one agreement he may not want to take credit for though, is the now despised fiscal cliff. according to the washington post, lew was the architect of those threatening across the board spending cuts that drove congress to the brink. and some republicans say he hasn't been honest about debts and deficits. >> i would rate it as a bumpy confirmation process. the american people need to know the secretary of treasury will tell them the truth about the financial conditions of this country. >> democrats see lew as someone who will go toe to toe with republicans. >> even though he has attended some republicans by his behavior and the negotiations, the president
and the end of the second amendment? we take that up next. >> president obama's second term cabinet rounding into shape, treasury secretary geithner is next up. he should be his replacement? ubs chief economist tells us. we will be talking markets and the economy. the presidnt puts vice-president in charge of rounding up guns. the comprehensive gun control mean controlling all guns? the "a-team" with this next. ♪@a ♪ lou: the obama administration push for more gun control intensifying. the washington post reports the administration looking to go well beyond the simple reinstatement of the inspired ban on assault weapons and i capacity ammunition. vice-president biden task force apparently considering measures that would require universal background checks for all firearms buyers. the national database that would track the sale and movement of weapons, strengthening mental health checks, stiffer penalties for carrying guns near schools. to mark the vice-president said to me with gun safety group's commander jim and executives, victims of gun violence. there's a the vice-president turns to
mr. obama, but no one should think he'll emerge at his own in the treasury." >> i think you want pick garrett ginslerin. if you wanted to make big changes in jobs and investment, it would have been a more -- >> the first fight, though, is taking on congress, and that's -- >> that's a point of making. >> and one of the reasons they don't like him, so many republicans, that in 2011 we had the budget fight then. jack lew really snookerred them, and structuring them in a way that were protective to all of the president's priorities. if that's what we're going -- we seem to be in a place where getting washington to function at a very basic level is the end game. people have to be judged not just on where they fit on rainbow but what they're like as public servants, and jack lew is a tremendously talented public servant. he has always protected the vulnerable. going back to his days for tip o'nei o'neill, he knows the budget better than anyone in washington. that's one of the reasons the republicans insisted john boehner insisted that don't bring lew. he knew the budget much better than any
. >>> cameras will be clicking today as president obama nominates jack lew to be his new white house chief of staff for treasury. there's controversy even before lew even signs on. major, good morning. like this story. >> reporter: good morning, charlie and gayle. typically when there's a question that arises about a cab neat nominee, the question is ho is it. now the biggest question of jack lew and his signature is what is it. coming to a dollar bill near you, this parity of a signature. it belongs to president obama's nominee for secretary of treasury, the agency responsible for printing the greenbacks which carries lew's signature. it's been called a slinky that has lost its spring. can you even describe this warped row of curly qs as a signature? >> it's a scribble. they don't want people to know who they are. >> reporter: washington knows w who lew is. the most clammest of president obama's chiefs of staff. lew's in line to replace tim geithner. geithner had signature problems too. previous secretaries penned readable if not memorable signatures. geithner told public radio last week
'll take it. ashley: president obama set to nominate we've of white house staff jack lew as treasury secretary. if confirmed he will have to jump into the debt ceiling debate. that will be trial by fire, isn't it? rich edson is live at the white house. >> this is the reason why he is selected. he has really been a budget person here in washington for the past 30 years. he was budget chief under the clinton white house and obama white house. he has been in all the particular budget fights especially next to president obama with the debt ceiling year-and-a-half ago in most recent recent round. according to folks early in the week telling us at fox we would get announcement by the end of this week that jack lew would likely be the next treasury secretary pick from president obama. we don't have much week left. on friday the president of afghanistan, hamid karzai is expected to be here at the white house. that has us all looking at tomorrow as the official date for this. the reasoning behind that, yes, he has been in on all of the budget fights. he spent all of last few years really of h
the bloodshed. >> reporting on a violent day in pakistan. barack obama announced he is nominating the white house chief of staff as america opposing new treasury secretary. saying he has his complete trust. he will replace timothy geithner that does not wish to serve a second term. the vice president continued his meetings on how to curb gun violence in america. he wants to give his proposals to president obama by tuesday of next week. he said why it is important act now. >> nothing that has gotten to the heart of the matter more than the visual image of six year-old kids riddle. not shot with a stray bullet, but rattled. >> of the comments came on the same day that a student was shot and wounded at a california high school where another was taken into custody. for more, the vice president was meeting in the white house as we were getting news that there was yet another school shooting, and there is a real sense of urgency that is still there. >> we saw president obama after the shooting a visibly upset, saying he would use the power of his office to act on gun- control and do it quickly. h
to be treasury secretary. barack obama yesterday it leaked out he was going to nominate jack lew to run the treasury department. he hasn't made the official announcement but it looks like jack lew is going to take that over which means we're going to get a new signature on our flat money. because you know, the treasury secretary has a signature. bill is checking to see if he has timothy geithner's autograph there on his dollar bills. >> bill: yes. >> peter: he's got a nice, neat little signature. timothy geithner. there is a whole hubbub now over jack lew's signature. are you ready america? to see that on your flat money. if you can't see it is just a squiggly line of a signature. it looks like someone has had too much to drink and tried to draw a caterpillar. >> that's something that someone could forge very easily. >> peter: it looks kind of like a war shock test. there's jack lew's signature right there. tell me what you see. i see a butterfly. that will be very interesting to see that on your money. >> bill: but it should be noted before he came treasury secretary, timothy geithner
getting smaller by the minute. will help reach them in time? >>> signature move. president obama set to nominate jack lew for treasury secretary today, so is this signature coming to a dollar bill near you today? january 10th, 2013. >>> good morning, welcome to "today" on this thursday morning. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm in more matt this morning. this case is pretty serious. nine states, health officials reporting a real problem in massachusetts. >> that's right. at least 18 flu related deaths so far. 700 confirmed cases in boston alone. hospitals are overrun with people complaining with flu-like symptoms coast-to-coast. we'll get the latest in a report straight ahead. and carl, after confess iing to all of us, only matt received his flu shot. we're going to do something. we're going to get a flu shot. >> i'm already thinking which arm to roll up. >> roll up that sleeve. i wore short sleeves on purpose. >>> joe biden comes face to face with members of the nra today. at the white house with details. >>> surprising punishments of some distracted drivers involved in deadly crashes ar
? >> reporter: that's right. the treasury department, as you know, timothy geithner, has said that he would be leaving around inauguration time. now my colleague, gloria borger, saying that president obama will be nominating jack lew as treasury secretary and that that announcement is expected sometime this week. this had been widely expected, jack lew, who has worked in a couple of administrations as the budget chief. he also worked on wall street. we've done some reporting on concerns about his experience not only from those on wall street but also some progressive groups. nonetheless, the president expected to nominate someone who he has talked about as a trusted confidante, someone who has worked very hard in trying to right the ailing economy. according to this source, the president expected to nominate him to be the next treasury secretary, and that announcement expected sometime this week. >> all right. well, thank you for that, dan. and nice quick work, i might add as well. and by the way, for our audience who might not know a lot about jack lew, the white house chief of staff, ther
into jail on suspicion of death by a trick or device. >> president obama will nominate white house chief of staff jack wew as treasury secretary this afternoon. lew will replace treasury secretary timothy geithner . obama will only begin insiders steeped in budget matters but also a tough bargainer. >> some gop lawmakers at complained that he has been unyielding in past fiscal negotiations. >> secretary of labor held up solis is stepping down from a post she sent a letter to our colleagues yesterday of their resignation. >> and it shows, she get knows as of reasons why. she called the decision to resign one the most difficult decisions yet to make. >> president obama released a statement calling her chevy for working families and committing our workload that years. >> i want to congratulate today's nominees and also congratulate those were not nominated you stop during interviews were you continue at such a great time making the movie. >> (laughter) >> says there's nothing creek you're the guy standing in hollywood by himself at 5 in the morning here is it was stone. >> (cheers and appl
vote early, vote often. >>> tomorrow president obama set to nominate jack lew to be the next treasury secretary. so far, the only huge controversy surrounding the two-time head of omb is his signature, which is compared to a 6-year-old let loose with a crayon. if lew is confirmed, that signature goes right on the money. >>> baseball fans know it well. it's the call of the bullpen and it may never be the same. t-mobile handing out samsung galaxy smartphones to major league teams to replace the handset and the cord. and since the call to the bullpen itself is sponsored these days, and seemingly everything in baseball is sponsored these days, they couldn't pass up this opportunity to step boldly into the cordless future. >>> finally, the headline on the forbes website is scary. it reads, doom'day aster aid bigger than expected. they're talking about a football-field sized astroid called 9942 opofhus, and while it will pass by tonight, when it comes back in the year 2029, it will pass so close, just over 30,000 miles, it's going to be visible in broad daylight. >>> we're back after a brea
to seek reelection. president obama has tapped his chief of staff jack lew for treasury secretary. if confirmed, he would replace timothy geithner. >> it is a less controversial move then chuck hegel, but he does face tough critics. sally has more from washington. >> the president says that jack lew has built a reputation as a master of policy and that someone who can work with members of both parties. the president made the announcement this afternoon. lew served as the chief of staff and in the office of the management and budget. in the clinton administration, he also served in the office of management and budget. >> i trust his judgment. i know few people with greater integrity. >> if confirmed, i will work with the people in the treasury who have legendary skill and knowledge. >> lew would take the helm of a tough time as the nation faces battles over the debt limit and cutting spending. and the nomination is drawing criticism from senate republicans who are questioning lew's commitment to cutting spending and getting the nation's fiscal house in order. >> all right, thank yo
obama named today a "low key" washington hand as his new secretary of the treasury. jacob lew is being called a man who combines tough bargaining with deep economic understanding and a commitment to protecting the safety net for the poor and the elderly. some republicans have promised to oppose lew's nomination, but most say they are reserving
to you. connell: more to come on that breaking news. rich live at the white house. dagen: president obama will nominate his chief of staff jack lew as the next treasury secretary a little more than two hours from now. connell: joining us now is from the "wall street journal." >> he will be directing economic policy for the president and he's a long-time washington insider. he worked for tip o'neil. he worked for bill clinton. he's worked on the budget for president obama. [talking over each other] >> there is a revolving door there. he did go in 09 and he came out with a lot of money despite the fact that citi bank was limping along and had to be helped out by the government. dagen: when he worked just as one example in the clinton administration he was considered reasonable but not now. why? >> i think the big part of it is how he performed when he worked for president obama in the first term. but it's also i think most people expect him to be very much like an alter ego of the president. he subscribes to the ideas that the president has, that the big problem in this country is not how t
on the position of treasury secretary. >> greta: president obama says he facilitates deal, citing president reagan and speaker o'neill on social security and president clinton and a republican congress on the issue of a budget deal. i am curious whether you agree that he has brought the two sides together. if so, where has that been in the last go-round, the last 18 months? >> the last fiscal cliff deal, he -- his chief of staff at the white house, he was involved in the negotiations. they went nowhere until senator mccog urged vice-president bide tone get involved. that's when an agreement was reached. it wasn't jack lew that reached that agreement. he also, when he agreed to the budget spending reductions as part of the budget control act, 18 months ago, he -- he proposed a budget, the next budget that they put forward, wiped out 60% of those cuts, even though he agreed to them in august and january, he was proposing to giving back 60% of them and spending more money -- >> greta: i guess it's pretty clear -- i guess it's pretty clear you have a strong opinion on this one? >> i really do. i can n
morning's crash injured dozens of passengers, 11 seriously. >>> president obama expected to nominate his new treasury secretary today. that would be jack lew. he will replace timothy geithner if confirmed by the senate. lew is currently the president's chief of staff. he previously served as the budget director and was an exec tv at citigroup. he has a wild signature. a crazy new signature will actually go on our money now if the president does get his way. this is how jack lew signs his name. spiral graph central there. the white house says there will be no changes. so start checking your $1 bills in the months to come. >> i don't see one letter in that signature. >>> vice president joe biden is going to hear all sides of the gun control debate. he will meet today with the national rifle association and executives from walmart, one of the nation's biggest gun retailers. the goal is to come up with revised gun laws in response to the recent shooting spree at a connecticut elementary school. >> i don't think anything has touched the heart of the a
, paula, thank you. >>> president obama announce his pick to replace tim geithner at the treasury department. how jack lew's influence will impact your wallet. ali velshi has some thoughts. we'll chat next. [ male announcer ] this is bob, a regular guy with an irregular heartbeat. the usual, bob? not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem, a condition that puts him at greater risk for a stroke. [ gps ] turn left. i don't think so. [ male announcer ] for years, bob took warfarin, and made a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. but not anymore. bob's doctor recommended a different option: once-a-day xarelto®. xarelto® is the first and only once-a-day prescription blood thinner for patients with afib not caused by a heart valve problem, that doesn't require routine blood monitoring. like warfarin, xarelto® is proven effective to reduce the risk of an afib-related stroke. there is limited data on how these drugs compare when warfarin is well managed. no routine blood monitoring means bob can spend his extra tim
and the new york stock exchange. >> kristen and eric good morning. president obama we just learned is expected to name jack lew as treasury secretary tomorrow. we will talk about that. if you looking for bargains, target has gift wrap, and children's, and women's apparel is marked down on tuesday, and wednesday, men's apparel and health and beauty are marked down and toys. researchers say the best deals are usually at the edges of the stores not in the middle of the target store. >> possible tension between the white house and walmart over gun control. walmart is taking a pass on an invitation by the white house to sit down with biden and talk about the issue. stocks look like this, a little bit higher as we get good earnings from alcoa and the silicon valley index is just a sight bit lower. >> thank you. this we go to weather. mike? >> we will talk about what is going on, we will start with an outside shot, beautiful colors there and the fog is why we have the dense fog advisory in the east bay and north bay valley from our east bay hills camera. a beautiful picture there. live doppler 7 hd s
. >> president obama is expected to make more changes to his top advisers. he could announce his pick for treasury. hallie jackson joins us live with the latest. what name is being floated as the favorite? >> you can take the bet on jack lew to a takeover for timothy geithner error. known as a tough negotiator. held the soleilda solis is step. no word on who will replace her. as for jack lew, he will not have a tough time getting through the confirmation process if he does get the nod from the president. he is getting some grief about his signature. that is it. this will be on dollar bills if he becomes the new secretary of treasury. tim geithner ended up working on his signature because a lot of people will see it. >> so lew has to tone down the loops. here come the jokes. hallie jackson, thank you. >> i like a loopy signature. 5:37. some kids spend a lot of time in front of the tv and computer. don't forget to e-mail us your response to our water cooler question of the day. what do you think was the best motion picture of 2012? you can share your response at and on our fa
a little later this hour live on the show. >>> still ahead, president obama announced his pick to replace tim geithner at the treasury department. how jack lew's influence will impact your wallet. >>> plus, lance armstrong, heading to oprah. but will he confess to doping? my next guest calls it ridiculous. don't miss it. aww man. [ male announcer ] returns are easy with free pickup from the u.s. postal service. we'll even drop off boxes if you need them. visit pay, print, and have it picked up for free. any time of year. ♪ nice sweater. thank you. ♪ and save hundreds with our best offer. get an adt security system starting at just $49 installed, but for a limited time only. that's an instant savings of $250. don't leave your family's safety to chance when you can take advantage of these savings now. call or visit both: i had a break-in. man: by the time we called the police, there wasn't much they could do. i felt so helpless. adt quickly called the police. i felt like it was over right away. feels like it's still not over. we lost our digital photos, financial re
signed he paid his taxes and never paid them until mr. obama nominated him for the treasury. my comment on him now is, trillions of dollars have been put on the american public did not even though it got through home mortgages that the banks have dumped on fannie mae and freddie mac. the worst is on the general motors, most jobs saved or not even in this country. you are looking at him dumping close to $30 billion on the tax payers. general motors was angry that because the american people on the stock, they could not give themselves big bonuses and drive private jets. he just sold off some of the stock, it allowed them to buy private jets again. he is looking at dumping the rest at a loss of $30 billion to the taxpayers. host: that was marlene from new jersey. i will not announce the name i in because i will miss it up. give us a call for the remaining time we have on this topic taking a look at timothy geithner's service. we had about 30 or so comments on the facebook page when the show started. probably more now. if you want to add on to that, stories from the pap
for the broader retail trade? >> plus jack lew set to be nominated as treasury chief by the obama administration. so what does the new appointment by all accounts a bruiser mean for investors? >> and the battle over herbalife rages on with two high profile activists on two very different sides of the company. we'll take you live to the investor meets as they aim to fight back against the controversy. >> but first back to changing of the guard for the obama administration. the president will nominate jack lew to succeed tim geithner. steve liesman joins us now. he has a look at exactly what lew will be left with once mr. geithner leaves town. >> no easier job now. treasury sect job was a tough job to begin with and today's circumstances, this post financial crisis world, a tougher job yet. let's go through some of the things that we know and some things we don't know. the debt ceiling and more among the jobs here, negotiate a debt ceiling and sequester deal with congress, or if you don't do that figure out thousand run the government without debt. an interesting job. also on that agenda, fixing l
and career of chuck hagel. >>> president obama has more spots to fill in his cabinet, treasury secretary tim geithner is expected to leave sometime around the nomination. the front-runner to replace geithner is reportedly chief of staff, jacob lew. there's a vacancy at the cia since general david petraeus stepped down. a source tells cnn a short list includes counterterrorism and homeland security adviser john brennan as well as acting cia drkter, michael morel, the man wearing the red tie in the video. >>> the attorney for one of the two ohio teenagers charged with rape wants a judge to postpone and move his client's trial. the 16-year-old high school football players are charged with sexually assaulting a girl last summer. the alleged attack took place at several parties over the course of the night. adam neiman, the lawyer for defendant trent mays, told cnn he wants the case moved out of steubenville. >> given its publicity and what we perceive as threats to individuals, perhaps witnesses and also defendants and defense council, we're concerned about safety issues at this point. secondly
to increasing taxes on wealthier americans. so this is someone who president obama has a very good working relationship with. and, of course, this is a key moment. it's a critical moment to take over the spot as treasury secretary. because there are three big budget matters looming. of course, they're going to have to deal with the debt ceiling, the fiscal cliff and the all in the comes months. >> kristen, we look at the optics of this, the inner circle being all white men. what is the tone in washington especially since was the obama coalition that got obama in for a second term? >> well, look, the white house is kernel getting criticism over this issue, especially from women's advocacy groups who are saying there aren't enough women in the top positions at the white house. the white house playing defense on this issue. jed jay carney asked about this saying that diversity is an important issue for the president but he's also choosing especially in these top spots, the people he believes he will work best with, best for the job. there are also reports 0 out that 43% of the appointees here
and limit the availability of guns available to people mentally ill. >>> president barack obama is ready to move forward with his new treasury secretary. he is currently serving the president as his chief of staff. if the senate confirms him. and the president has another cabinet position to fill, the labor secretary told coworkers she will step down from her position. she is expected to return home to california to run for a seat on the los angeles county board of supervisors. >>> talk about an all-star musical line-up. when it comes to the inauguration for president barack obama's second term on january 21st. beyonce will sing the national anthem. kelly clarkson. and james taylor will sing america the beautiful. president barack obama did have a hand in selecting the performers. he says their music speaks to people across the country. >>> investigators are saying that a high speed ferry that crashed into a manhattan dock yesterday morning had recently undergone a major overhaul giving the ferry new engines. but fors say it's too soon to tell whether the engines played any role in the a
to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. bill: president obama expected to nominate white house chief of staff jack lew later today to be the next treasury of the secretary, but if lou is confirmed he might consider sharpening that signature which will pretty much be on all u.s. currency. here it is loopy and arguably unreadable. current treasury secretary tim geithner said he had a similar problem before he took over. here it is before he took the job. and here what it looks like now. he improved his penmanship to make it easier for folks to read. i can't argue. have you seen mine? martha: it deteriorates with every passing year. bill: jack lew that --. martha: well it is the worst flu outbreak in at least a decade and doing a number on people across the country. the virus is reported in 41 states with nine states reporting high or severe levels of flu. boston's mayor says his city is under siege. he is declaring a public health emergency. the state of massachusetts reporting 18 flu-related deaths so far. the hospitals can barely contain all the
on curbing gun violence in the wake of recent mass shooting. >> president obama is expected to nominate white house chief of staff jack lew today as the next secretary of the treasury. he is a federal budget expert who is known as a tough bargainerring. if confirmed he takes the job as the administration is preparing for a new confrontation with congressional republicans over debt and deficit. he replaces geithner who is moving back to new york to be with his family. >> the stage is set for the hollywood award season. in an hour the oscar nominations are announced. expect historic based films to get a lot of attention with "argo" and "zero dark 30" and "lincoln" and daniel day lewis will get surely another nomination and jennifer lawrence is also up. keep it here for the oscar nominations coming up after 5:30 like here on the abc7 morning news. we will stream the announcement like at and you can see would wins on sunday, february 24 when the oscars are announced like right here on abc7. seth mcfarland is the host. >> any favorites? >> i like them all. >> so diplomatic. >> mike ni
is a former director and not obama and clinton administration. he will get tapped to be the next treasury secretary, obviously, if confirmed. he has a very close working relationship with president obama. that really is the biggest asset when you talk about this particular white house, for this particular president. if you are that close with him, that is, that raises your chips in your access and accessibility. dagen: in the first well, it will be a nice and lively confirmation process i would think. the first big fight would be that that feeling increase and again, we had that in mid february. anyway to play that out how that will play out assuming jack lu once again is involved and you have to start talking about spending cuts and based on what nancy pelosi said the other day, she has reintroduced the idea of increasing taxes. >> yes. you are hearing that again and again. you are making a point that the president wanted $1.6 trillion that ended up being 600 billion plus. i think you will see democrats calling for more taxes. you will see republicans say we are not going to give you an
be confirmed as secretary of the treasury. >> all kidding aside, president obama's second-term cabinet is very much in flux now in dwindling diversity. hil hilda solis is out. homeland security will stay. some others, though are in limbo. there has been no official word of some of them, one way or the other. let's focus on what may be the big confirmation fight. former senator chuck hagel is out there now personally lobbying for support in his bid to become defense secretary. yesterday visited the pentagon and thursday making calls to old senate colleagues. one problem with that. of the senators who will sit in judgment of hagel's confirmation, 42 of them never worked with him. with me now, moderator of "meet the press," david gregory, had an exclusive interview with colin powell there to make the case for chuck hagel. one thing about taking the step back if you will about this week and what we're seeing with the president in this cabinet. there is no equivocation when it comes to placating the washington establishment. he is doing what he wants, regardless -- there is no gates, no hillary. ev
weapons in the country. >>> another cabinet shake-up in the white house. president obama is expected to name chief of staff jack lou to be the next's next finance chief. the president may make it official by tomorrow. if approved, lou would be the second treasury secretary during his administration. he would replace timothy geithner. lou was a former budget director for president obama and president clinton. >>> for the second time in four decades, now new members will be inducted into major league baseball's hall of fame. among the players up for first ballot star-crossed giants slugger, of course, barry bonds. he only received 36% of the vote from the baseball writers association of america. cy young pitcher roger clemens got 38%. sammy sosa was denied. he only got 12%. all three players were linked to steroids during the storied careers. >>> more than just a sugar rush. still to come, the link between sweet drinks and depression. >> not only nobody came but nobody even bothered to call me. >> well, we have all been there waiting for hours fo
will replace her, but president obama could announce his new pick for treasury secretary as soon as today. jack lew is reportedly the current's -- could be his nominee. he's currently the chief of staff, also a former budget director, as wel insiders say he's the best person to take on the many looming battles with congress that are coming up, including the battles over the debt ceiling and those pending budget cuts. if confirmed, you'll be seeing a lot more of this. that is jack lew's looping signature on every new green back that is printed. it's been described as a slinky that lost its spring. lew says he'll make his name more legible if he does get the job. >>> and vice president joe biden meets with the nra today as the debate over gun violence intensifies. it could be a tough sell since the group already says it opposes any new restrictions. among those speaking out is new york's governor. andrew cuomo is urging lawmakers in his state to close loopholes on the state's assault weapons ban. >> this is not taking away people's guns. i own a gun. i own a remington shotgun. i've hunted. i've s
on the floor show today. >> thank you. cheryl: all right. president obama announcing today jack lew as his nominee for treasury secretary. rich edson is standing by at the white house with the latest including the slew of comments about lou, if you will. rich? >> reporter: that's right, plenty of that already, cheryl. it is up to the united states senate whether or not to confirm jack lew. the white house is selling this as a transition. that, by the way, is construction for the or parade here, the inaugural parade, if you heard the loud crash. the transition that you have now from really a rescue job that treasury secretary geithner was asked to do at the beginning of the administration now to one of budgeting. jack lew, the budget chief in the clinton administration, in the obama administration in the white house is basically saying that's why they chose him, the mastery of the federal budget. >> jack knows that every number on a page, every dollar we budget, every decision we make has to be an expression of who we wish to be as a nation. our values. the values that say everybody gets a
to be filled. secretary of defense, treasury secretary, and a permanent cia director also need to be filled. former republican senator chuck hagel is still a contender for secretary of defense, despite criticism. president obama said as much on "meet the press." and there's this. quote, i understand his nomination is back on the table, and i believe very strongly he should be defense secretary. also, treasury secretary timothy geithner is planning to leave later this month, sometime around the inauguration. >>> with heavy hearts, classes have resumed for students at sandy hook elementary school. classes were held not in the old building but in a school in nearby monroe, connecticut, which was made to look like their old school. students were anxious to resume their studies. >> they took the bus, so, you know, we had the normal routine of giving them breakfast and getting their backpacks packed. then they went out -- we went out and waited for the bus. as soon as the bus came, didn't even look back. it was bye, guys. they waved and ran on to the bus. >> teachers and school administrators tri
-up for president obama's second term continues this morning. he's hours away from naming his new treasury secretary. now the president has to worry about filling yet another post. doug luzader is live from washington with more. >> good morning. current white house chief of staff lew he is picking someone who knows the numbers but republicans will remember his sharp elbows. as a number cruncher his resume is pretty solid. he was the white house budget director during the clinton administration. by all indications he had proven himself again and again to the president. >> over the past quarter of a century jack lew has been an integral part of some of the most important budgetary financial and fiscal agreements bipartisan agreements in washington. >> one agreement he may not want to take credit for is the now december pieszed if -- despise fiscal cliff. lew was the architect of the spending cuts that nearly drove congress to the brink over new years. some republicans say he hasn't been honest with congress about debts. >> there is a confirmation process. i think the american people need to know the
, we learned today that president obama will nominate white house chief of staff jack lew as the new treasury secretary. and his signature will appear on every bill in our wallets. but when we looked up that signature, there it is. one person described it as a slinky that lost its spring. lew says if confirmed, he'll try to improve his penmanship. >>> and, what is your monopoly identity? do you go for the scottish dog, the hat, the thimble? today, monopoly announced they'll retire one of those tokens. and we, together, get to choose which one. so, you can vote online. the betting pros, by the way, say the wheelbarrow is the most likely to go. you can also vote for a new token, either a cat, a robot, a helicopter, a guitar or a diamond ring. i liked the wheelbarrow. oh well. if you see something out there for our "instant index," be sure to tweet it to me, @dianesawyer. >>> and, coming up next here, we saw her take home gold in london. so, why was missy franklin so nervous for a high school swim meet? [ boys screaming ] hi, i just switched jobs and i want to roll over
the u.s. dollar serious again. >> president obama will nominate his chief of staff at the white house jack lew toll bet next -- to be the next treasury secretary. >> it will be his signature at the bottom of our currency. it will look something like this. [ laughter ] >> jon: that injure signature? or jut -- that is your significant in signature or are you testing to see if the pen works? [ laughter ] hey, lew, shire -- here is a tip, stop signing your checks on the teacup ride at disney world. [ laughter ] the only way you are allowed to have that as your signature is if your name is booooing, boooing, please come firm jack lew. please confirm jack lew. i have to have this man as treasury secretary. seriously if this guy gets confirmed it would be the second most ridiculous signature only to appear on our money thanks to buchanan's secretary oliver lewis ottingham. i see the audience went to seventh grade like i did. [ laughter ] i'm 50. can can tell you why guy who will find him rolling in jack lew doodle stacks as money will soon be called, al gore. >> former vice president al gore
out 45 minutes later. >>> first, breaking news out of washington. today, president obama is going to be announcing his plans to nominate jacob lew as the next treasury secretary. the president will be making that announcement at 1:30 eastern time in an event in the east room of the white house. john harwood joins us now with more on that. john. >> andrew, president obama is going inside his inner circle to fill a key job as jack lew is somebody who served as chief of staff. he was budget director before that. he served in hillary clinton's state department. he does not have a deep background and ties to wall street and business. he's a creature of congress, made his name in washington working for tip o'neal, the house speaker. very hard working, very key, very bright. republicans found him a difficult negotiators in some of the budget talks over the last couple of years, but i would expect, andrew, that he's going to be confirmed pretty handily even though he'll have difficult questions in his confirmation hearing. >> john, how disappointed -- and perhaps now, but it appears that
captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> brown: president obama today named white house chief of staff jack lew as his next secretary of the treasury. good evening, i'm jeffrey brown. >> woodruff: and i'm judy woodruff. on the "newshour" tonight, we have more on the man and the economic agenda he has been tapped to spearhead for the next four years. >> brown: then, ray suarez gets an update on a series of bombings that killed more than 100 people in two pakistani cities today. >> woodruff: margaret warner looks into new federal guidelines for mortgage lending aimed at protecting both consumers and lenders. >> brown: we look at the tense political situation in venezuela, after the national assembly delayed the inauguration of cancer-stricken president hugo chavez. >> this is essentially a power play. behind that secrecy there is nothing but an attempt to ensure the continuity of the regime regardless of president chavez's presence. >> woodruff: and with five oscar nominations, we examine the controversy surrounding one of the most talked about new films yet to see a
. brian? >> kristen welker at the white house for us tonight. kristen, thanks. >>> president obama today formally nominated his chief of staff, jack lew, to be the next treasury secretary. as the second-term churn gets under way now. though it looked for a time like the president might nominate susan rice to be his next secretary of state, when that didn't happen, this latest wave of nominees appear to have something in common. and as nbc's andrea mitchell reports tonight, people are noticing. >> reporter: it is the white house photo that could be called all the president's men. adviser valerie jarrett is there, we're told, hidden behind the guys. as president obama filled his top cabinet post with nominees named jack and chuck and john -- >> it's time for me to move on. >> reporter: -- it was like "mad men" goes to washington, except peggy leaving ruth marcus. >> whatever white guy becomes chief of staff, i think it's actually kind of interesting that there are two women who are deputy chiefs of staff and no one has talked about them as possibilities at all. >> reporter: one of the two
. >> >> president barack obama expected to nominate his current chief of staff jack lewis is the next treasury secretary the president praised him for helping help the economy streamlined the government and is described as a tough negotiator. he would replace timothy who wants to leave the administration. she made her decision over the holidays with her family and is also out of the white house president barack obama called her a tireless champion she is the first hispanic woman to serve in the presidential cabinet. beyonce will perform the national anthem kelly clarkson will sing my country to is of the end james taylor will perform america the beautiful. president obama was involved in the selection of the musicians. the pregnant duchess of cambridge spend time with family royal watchers are left to get what she got from prince william, apparently sources say he is buying a house. we're looking at some interesting weather coming up over the next two or three days. we have 50 we are back down to 35 degrees at the moment. computer models show the moisture coming up we could see rain and perha
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